Secure Your Trash Can: Easy Lock, Easy Access!

BinClaw: Keeps your trash secure and lets you toss with ease.

Stop the Struggle and Embrace Convenience with BinClaw!

Secure locking mechanism keeps unwanted guests out:  Say goodbye to unwelcome visitors!  BinClaw's innovative locking mechanism keeps raccoons, stray animals, and other critters out of your trash, eliminating messy raids and unpleasant surprises.

One-handed operation for easy trash disposal:  Multitasking just got easier!  BinClaw's user-friendly design allows you to toss away trash with just one hand, freeing you to hold onto your recycling or manage other tasks.  No more wrestling with a stubborn lid or fumbling for tools.

Clean hands, happy hands - patented handle doubles as a lid lifter:  Keep your hands clean and germ-free!  BinClaw's innovative handle lifts the lid for you, eliminating the need to touch potentially messy surfaces.  Enjoy a more hygienic trash disposal experience.

Fits most standard bin sizes - secure your trash can in seconds:  Universality meets ease of use!  BinClaw's adjustable straps adapt to fit most standard bin sizes, ensuring a secure fit for your trash can.  Installation is a breeze, taking only seconds to secure your bin without any complicated tools.

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Product Features

Why BinClaw?

Tool-free installation - Ditch the screwdriver, snap it on in seconds and reclaim your precious time.

One-handed hero - Toss trash with ease while BinClaw keeps the lid secure. Multitasking just got clawsome!

Lift & Lock with the Claw - Our patented handle locks the bin AND lifts the lid. Keeping your hands squeaky clean? Priceless!

Fits most bins like a glove - Our flexible jaw adapts to most bins.

Pick-up day? No sweat - Stash BinClaw on the wheel axle for effortless storage.

Built to last - Rest assured, BinClaw is tough enough for raccoons (but maybe not bears ...yet!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BinClaw difficult to install?

Absolutely not! BinClaw is designed for user-friendliness. Its adjustable straps easily fit most standard bin sizes, and the secure locking mechanism requires no tools for installation. Simply snap it onto your bin, adjust the straps for a snug fit, and you're good to go!

Can I still use the handle on my bin with BinClaw?

Yes! BinClaw's innovative design allows you to continue using your existing bin handle for easy maneuvering. Additionally, BinClaw's patented handle provides a clean and convenient way to lift the lid, eliminating the need to touch potentially messy surfaces.

Will BinClaw keep out small animals like squirrels?

While BinClaw's primary focus is deterring larger animals like raccoons, its secure locking mechanism can also discourage smaller creatures. The tight seal and sturdy design make it difficult for any animal to gain access to your trash.

What if my bin has a slightly unusual size?

BinClaw's adjustable straps offer a high degree of versatility! They can adapt to a wide range of standard bin sizes. If you're unsure about compatibility, our website features a handy sizing guide to help you find the perfect fit.

Can I open BinClaw with one hand while holding a bag of trash?

Yes! BinClaw's user-friendly design prioritizes convenience. The one-handed operation allows you to easily open the lock and dispose of trash, even if you're already holding a bag or other items. This makes multitasking a breeze and eliminates the need to put anything down.

Ditch the Bin Lid Battle! BinClaw: Easy Lock, Easy Access, Zero Trash Struggles.

Stop wrestling with your bin lid and struggling to throw away trash. BinClaw's one-handed operation and secure lock make trash disposal a breeze (and keep unwanted guests out!).

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