Ditch the Mess, Embrace the Claw: BinClaw Saves the Day!

Snap & Go: No tools, no fuss, just secure your bin in seconds. Leave the DIY struggles behind!

One-Handed Hero: Toss your trash while BinClaw keeps the lid shut, making multitasking a breeze.

Clean Hands, Happy Hands: Our patented handle doubles as a lid lifter, keeping your fingers germ-free.

Fits Like a Glove: Our adjustable strap adapts to any standard bin, so no size is a surprise.

Pick-Up Day? No Problem: Stow BinClaw conveniently on the wheel axle or bin bottom, ready for action.


Why BinClaw?

Tool-free installation: Ditch the screwdriver, snap it on in seconds and reclaim your precious time.

One-handed hero: Toss trash with ease while BinClaw keeps the lid secure. Multitasking just got clawsome!

Lift & Lock with the Claw: Our patented handle locks the bin AND lifts the lid. Keeping your hands squeaky clean? Priceless!

Fits most bins like a glove: Our flexible jaw adapts to most bins.

Pick-up day? No sweat: Stash BinClaw on the wheel axle for effortless storage and a trash-free truck bed.

Built to last: Rest assured, BinClaw is tough enough for raccoons (but maybe not bears ...yet!).

BinClaw isn't just a lock, it's a freedom fighter against messy mornings and unwanted guests. Join the clawesome movement and enjoy a cleaner, stress-free yard today!

Have A Question?

Are you considering the BinClaw for your trash bin security lock? Contact us today for any inquiries and we'll be happy to help!