Safety and Warning Information


CAREFULLY READ and OBSERVE all warnings carefully. Failure to do so could cause personal injury and damage to the product and other property.
1) Keep face and body out of the direct path of the BinClaw in case it suddenly snaps back.
2) Always securely attach the rear clasp to the bin before attaching the front clasp of the BinClaw. Ensure the rear clasp on the BinClaw is properly secured to the bin before stretching. The BinClaw should be should be stretched carefully. To avoid rebound, never 1/3 of its original length. Example: BinClaw strap set to 28" inches should be stretched no more than a total of 42" inches. Overstretching could cause failure resulting in a sudden uncontrolled release resulting in severe injury to unprotected body parts, especially eyes.
3) Wear safety glasses when attaching and releasing the BinClaw.
4) The BinClaw may deteriorate through use and exposure to weather. DO NOT use a worn, cut, damaged or frayed BinClaw, or if its clasps are or appear to be damaged. Inspect the BinClaw, including both clasps, before each use.
5) To disengage the BinClaw, always release the front clasp first before detaching the rear clasp.
6) Keep the BinClaw away from sharp or rough edges, which can damage and affect the integrity of the BinClaw.
7) Use the BinClaw only for its intended use, and with good sense and safety. NEVER use the BinClaw on any human or animal. NEVER use the BinClaw to hold objects that may rise or shift with movement.Do not use the BinClaw as a tie-down.
8) Keep the BinClaw away from children at all times. The BinClaw is not a toy.
9) When not in use, store the BinClaw in a safe, dry environment out of the reach of children.