Secure your Trash Can Lid with BinClaw!

Protect your trash from strong winds and harsh weather.

Weatherproof Your Trash Can and Say Goodbye to Messy Mayhem!

Weatherproof construction - withstands wind, rain, and snow: Don't let Mother Nature turn your trash day into a disaster. BinClaw's durable materials are built to take on the elements. From heavy rain and snowstorms to powerful winds, BinClaw keeps your garbage bin lid securely in place.

Keeps your bin lid securely in place, no matter the weather: Say goodbye to chasing your garbage down the street on a windy day! BinClaw's secure design ensures your garbage bin lid stays put, even in strong gusts. This not only keeps your trash contained, but also prevents damage and potential hazards in your neighborhood.

Prevents messy spills and scattered trash: Tired of waking up to a yard strewn with garbage after a storm? BinClaw keeps the lid firmly shut, preventing spills and scattered trash caused by wind, rain, or animals. Enjoy a cleaner and more pleasant outdoor environment with a secure bin.

Bonus Benefit:

Peace of Mind, Year-Round: With BinClaw, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your trash is secure, no matter the season. Focus on the things that matter, and leave the worry about your trash can behind.

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Product Features

Why BinClaw?

Tool-free installation - Ditch the screwdriver, snap it on in seconds and reclaim your precious time.

One-handed hero - Toss trash with ease while BinClaw keeps the lid secure. Multitasking just got clawsome!

Lift & Lock with the Claw - Our patented handle locks the bin AND lifts the lid. Keeping your hands squeaky clean? Priceless!

Fits most bins like a glove - Our flexible jaw adapts to most bins.

Pick-up day? No sweat - Stash BinClaw on the wheel axle for effortless storage.

Built to last - Rest assured, BinClaw is tough enough for raccoons (but maybe not bears ...yet!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BinClaw strong enough to withstand heavy winds?

Absolutely! BinClaw is designed with durable materials that can handle strong gusts. The secure locking mechanism keeps the lid firmly shut, preventing it from blowing open and scattering trash all over your yard or street.

Will BinClaw protect my bin from rain and snow?

Yes! BinClaw's weatherproof construction is built to resist rain, snow, and other elements. This protects your trash from getting wet or soggy, preventing unpleasant odors and potential leaks.

Does BinClaw stop my bin from tipping over in strong winds?

While BinClaw can't guarantee your bin won't tip over in extreme weather, it significantly reduces the risk. By securing the lid and adding stability, BinClaw helps keep your bin upright, even in strong winds.

Will BinClaw still work if there's a lot of snow on my bin?

Yes! BinClaw's design allows for some movement and can handle a reasonable amount of snow accumulation on the lid. However, for very heavy snowfall, it's always a good idea to clear some snow around the bin to ensure proper functionality.

How does BinClaw give me peace of mind year-round?

Knowing your trash is secure, no matter the weather, provides a sense of relief. With BinClaw, you can avoid the hassle of chasing your bin down the street, cleaning up scattered trash after a storm, or dealing with unpleasant odors from wet garbage. It allows you to focus on other things and enjoy a cleaner outdoor environment throughout the year.

Trash Can Woes Got You Blown Away? BinClaw: The Windproof Solution to Messy Mayhem

Don't let strong winds turn your trash can into a tumbleweed. BinClaw keeps your bin securely in place, come rain, shine, or hurricane-force gusts.

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