Stop Raccoons From Raiding Your Trash!

BinClaw's secure lock keeps critters out and your trash secure.

Outsmart those Masked Marauders!

Raccoon-proof design: BinClaw's innovative locking mechanism is built to withstand even the most persistent critters. Forget flimsy bungee cords and easily-tipped bins - BinClaw keeps your trash secure, night after night.

Durable materials to withstand curious paws: Made from high-quality, weatherproof materials, BinClaw can handle curious paws, sharp claws, and determined attempts at entry. Your trash stays safe, and your bin stays intact.

Keeps your trash secure, even from determined critters: Raccoons might be clever, but BinClaw is cleverer. Our design deters not just raccoons, but also other animals like opossums, skunks, and stray cats, keeping your trash safe and your yard critter-free.

By using BinClaw, you can finally say goodbye to messy mornings and uninvited guests!

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Product Features

Why BinClaw?

Tool-free installation - Ditch the screwdriver, snap it on in seconds and reclaim your precious time.

One-handed hero - Toss trash with ease while BinClaw keeps the lid secure. Multitasking just got clawsome!

Lift & Lock with the Claw - Our patented handle locks the bin AND lifts the lid. Keeping your hands squeaky clean? Priceless!

Fits most bins like a glove - Our flexible jaw adapts to most bins.

Pick-up day? No sweat - Stash BinClaw on the wheel axle for effortless storage.

Built to last - Rest assured, BinClaw is tough enough for raccoons (but maybe not bears ...yet!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will BinClaw work on all critters?

While BinClaw's design is highly effective in deterring most animals, including raccoons, there's always a chance a particularly determined critter might try (and possibly fail) to gain access. However, BinClaw's strong materials and secure locking mechanism significantly reduce the risk of successful break-ins compared to traditional methods.

Is BinClaw easy to install?

Absolutely! BinClaw is designed for user-friendliness. No tools are required - simply snap it onto your bin and adjust the straps for a secure fit. Our website even features a handy installation guide pictures for added clarity.

Will BinClaw fit my bin?

BinClaw is designed with versatility in mind! The adjustable straps adapt to most standard bin sizes, so you can be confident it will work with your trash can.

How long does it take to install BinClaw?

BinClaw boasts a quick and easy installation process. Most users can secure their bin in seconds, thanks to the intuitive design and no-tool approach.

Is BinClaw weatherproof?

Yes! BinClaw is constructed from durable, weatherproof materials that can withstand rain, snow, and strong winds. This ensures your bin stays secure and your trash stays contained, no matter the weather conditions.

Evict those Trash Pandas! Claim Your Bin Back from Raccoons

They may be cute, but raccoons are notorious for trash can break-ins. BinClaw's secure lock keeps them out, so you can keep your trash secure (and your sanity intact).

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